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Лот 6387 - Public & LIVE Bid Auction 649

Базовая стоимость лотов:
15.000,00 EUR

GREECE: 100 Drachmas (16.3.1870) in black, red and green with coat of Arms of King George I at bottom right, portrait of Georgios Stavros at upper left and Hope at upper center. S/N: "A7047". Variety: Signatire by "Ο Γεν. Ταμίας" (=The General Cashier). WMK: Shell and value. Printed by ABNC. Inside holder by PMG "Very Fine 20". (Hellas 37a) & (Pick 32). Four banknotes known. Extremely rare variety!

Классификация/Состояние: VF20


Статус лота:
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