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Lotto 6578 - Asta in Sala & LIVE 665

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RUSSIA: Set of a cast silver medal and a lead die trial of the medal commemorating the liberation of the Ionian Islands by Admiral Ushakov (1800). Obv: Uniformed bust of Admiral Ushakov. Rev: View of military ships before Corfu. It is acocompanied by an envelope including a handwritten text (the paper is bisected) describing that the medal had been acquired in 1816-17, from the nephew of Ushakov. The name of his nephew "Nikolas Ushakov" has been lightly engraved in the fields of the silver specimen. The silver edition of the medal was presented to the officers, the gold one was presented to the admiral himself and the bronze was presented to the rest of the crew, by the island of Cephalonia. Weight: 82,61gr. Diameter: 74mm. The silver medal is inside slab by NGC "XF DETAILS - OBV GRAFFITI". (DIAKOV 254.1).

Grading/Stato: XF/DT


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5.000,00 EUR
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