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Lot 8688 - Public & LIVE Bid Auction 644

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12.000,00 EUR


Complete set of 12 medals produced in 1836 by German artist Konrad Lange (1809-1856). They depict snapshots and symbolic representations of the struggle of Independence of 1821, forms of Greek chieftains who led the national liberation struggle, governor John Kapodistrias and the first kings. All medals are inside slabs by NGC and come from the "GUS A. PAPPAS COLLECTION". Specifically: George Koundouriotis - MS 65 BN PL, Archibishop Germanos - MS 65 BN, Petros Mavromichalis - MS 65 BN, Alexander Mavrokordatos - MS 65 BN PL, Theodore Kolokotronis - MS 65 BN PL, Markos Botsaris - MS 64 BN PL, Andreas Miaoulis - MS 65 BN PL, Ioannis Kolettis - MS 63 BN PL, Spiridon Trikoupis - MS 64 BN PL, Ioannis Kapodistrias - MS 65 BN PL, Prince Otto - MS 64 BN PL, Otto & Amalia - MS 64 BN.

Grading/Status: MS


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12.000,00 EUR
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