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Lot 5 - Public Auction 630

Starting price:
80,00 EUR

GREECE: Forgeries, Spiro bros: 1+3x5+10+40+2x80l., Alisaffi: 10l. type B/pos.B4+20l.type A/pos.B4+2x60l., Fournier: 30l.+2x60l., Imperato: type A, 30l. pair+4x30l. singles (3rd and 5th rows) and 60l. in pair (3rd row), and type B 2x30l. pos.23+8 and a pair pos.21-22 and a type A 60l. in bl.6 (rows 3-4-5) canc. fake "ΠΑΤΡΑΙ (3)*28.ΙΟΥΝ.77". Mixed quality. Interesting lot, fard to find.

Grading/Status: P


Lot status:
Auction closed