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Lot 3390 - Public & LIVE Bid Auction 626

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6.500,00 EUR


100 Drachmas (8.8.1870) in black, red and green with "Portrait of G. Stavros" at
upper left, "Hope" at center and "Arms of King George I" at bottom right. Serial no "Z 6140". Printed by ABNC. Two large "N" (New Drachmas) at upper left and right. Signature "ΤΑΜΙΑΣ". WMK: Shell & denomination. Inside plastic folder by PMG "Very Fine 25". This is the banknote whose photo was added in Stratoudakis /
Pitidis catalogue volume I in page 22. (Pick 32) & (Stratoudakis / Pitidis 29ab).

Grading/Status: VF25


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6.500,00 EUR
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