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Los Nr. 6693 - Public & LIVE Bid Auction 649

12.000,00 EUR


3 billion Drachmas (29.9.1944) (type I) handwritten check in black on creme paper used as banknote by the Bank of Greece, Agrinios branch. S/N: "606981/1801". After the Germans left the city of Agrinio, the bank issued checks used as banknotes with the signature of G Fanos (the bank director) to pay for the salaries of the employees of the public sector. This specific check is redeemed and is stamped by the Bank on back. Printed on watermarked paper. Inside holder by PMG "About Uncirculated 50 - Pinholes". (Hellas 275e) & (Pick 150A).

Erhaltung: AU50


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